Me, late again


I overlooked the opportunity to celebrate the shortest day of the year yesterday, but it went ahead and happened without me. Wonderful news for someone who really hates short winter days that get dark at 4:30 pm or thereabouts. From now on the days are getting longer. More sun! And higher in the sky! Hurray!

30 thoughts on “Me, late again

    1. You beat me to it šŸ‘æ
      But I’m wondering what’s gone wrong, because today, here, tomorrow there, is only 3 seconds shorter, and tomorrow here the 24th will be 7 seconds shorter,

      Now that I have you confused too, have a Merry Christmas Andrew XD

      And to confuse you even further, United Airlines Flight UAL840, Boeing Dreamliner has just passed overhead, at 11:51 hours Friday 23rd December, and will land at Los Angeles at 06:13 hours this morning, Friday the 23rd December, or as you are loathe to say December 23 2016 šŸ˜ˆ
      And a Happy New Year.

      1. Well, I know the changes vary a lot depending on where on the globe you are. But I can’t begin to explain it. As I’ve noted before, it’s all I can do to keep up with the 3 or 4 time zones in the US and the coming and going of daylight saving time. Domestic airline and departure times can really confuse me, especially if the flight is such that, on paper, it arrives at its destination before it departs from its point of origin.

        Yep, you’ll be many hours ahead of me celebrating the new year. I don’t so much celebrate as just heave a great sigh of relief that I’ve managed to survive one more.

      1. That’s not hot; 32c yesterday 40+ at the beginning of December. Very nice snap of a low sun in the snow covered pine trees. I meant have a look at my blog and snaps of the Sun coming up on Solstice down under… bit different to yours; have a look

        1. Ah, I thought you meant look at your blog, but you didn’t include your URL ( ) and I was too sleepy to go look for it last night. Is that mountain an ancient volcano? It sure looks like it when the sun comes up behind it. Is that your view from your home or from someplace nearby? Certainly is beautiful.

          1. I don’t know what a URL is… like most people I don’t speak that language. The view is from my bedroom window.
            Have a great Crissy and a happy new year or HAGCAAHNY… smile

          2. Your URL is like your blog address on the internet. It shows near the top of your browser window. Every blog and every blog page has it’s own unique URL. Right now it should be showing you something like “,” the address for this page and comment.

            Wow, that’s the view from your bedroom window!!?? How incredible to wake to that every day and to see it whenever you want. I live near amazing mountains but can’t see them at all from my house.

            Merry Christmas to you too, and a Happy New Year!

    1. The WP snow adds a lot to some photos … and detracts from others. I had turned it off for most of December because I felt it was a distraction. Then I wanted it back for Christmas and it woudln’t come back on! I was really disappointed and pleaded for help in the WP forums. Somebody at WP, on Christmas Eve, got it working again. A wonderful little surprise gift for me.

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