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More on willful ignorance and the media

© Vanessa Otero. Reprinted with permission.

A few days ago I wrote about willful ignorance and media bias and included a several-years-old chart from Pew Research. Shortly thereafter a reader directed me to this chart by Vanessa Otero, from her provocatively titled blog All Generalizations Are False. I thought it worth revisiting the topic just to add this chart that includes more news sources in a more helpful format. (Note there are two axes on this chart.) And don’t miss Otero’s accompanying post “News Quality.” She reminds us that for all their faults, mainstream media are mainstream for a reason (although I don’t regard them as highly as she does).

It occurs to me belatedly that when I was young and someone said something hurtful or of questionable value, my mom would remind me to just “Consider the source.”

My mom was pretty smart.

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