Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year: Greenery


The artist/designer in me can’t resist reporting Pantone’s Color of the Year every year, and for 2017 that color is Greenery. Or to be more precise, Pantone 15-0343. Hard to believe it’s already been a year since I wrote about the pink/baby blue combo for 2016.

I love this color. It’s the color of health, spring, rebirth, and renewal. It’s fresh and outdoorsy. Granny Smith apples and limes. Aspen in summer. Gardens and house plants. My favorite Calyx perfume. Even Xbox.

And yet I don’t decorate with this color. I wouldn’t buy a car this color. I only own one or two items of clothing this color (but not for lack of trying).

What can I say. It just makes me feel good.


15 thoughts on “Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year: Greenery

  1. I frikking love that colour and it deserves the no 1 spot. I would actually buy a car that color. On the other hand I would not use it as a colour for repainting my room. Imagine waking after a day out and slightly hungover, oh man no.. 😆

    1. Nope, wouldn’t want a whole room this color. But it would make a beautiful accent color in the right room. I suppose I might buy a car this color, but it would have to be exactly the right shade on exactly the right car. I’ve seen too many light green cars that looked like piss. I actually had a green one myself for 17 years, but it was very dark blue-green, almost British racing green. Beautiful car. I still miss it. This green looks to me like either a cute little compact car that has a sense of humor and doesn’t want to get run over, or a big, gorgeous sports car that is so good looking it can be any color it damn well pleases and people will still drool.

    1. Most of the green cars I’ve seen have been “green” cars, hybrids or electric, like yours. Have seen one or two green Priuses (sp?). A promotional thing. I might consider it if the car were a great deal otherwise. My current car is pearl white, okay but certainly not my first choice. I’d still like to have a deep, dark, metallic red car some day.

  2. As an aside and a bit of useless information Granny Smith was an early settler in Australia and she started ptoducing her Granny Smith apples at a property at Ryde, some 10-12 kilometres from where I live.

    The following link is to a short history of Granny Smith written by her great great grandson, you miht fine this interesting. 😀

    1. Fascinating. I had no idea. But Granny Smiths became my favorite when I discovered Red Delicious wasn’t the only applie in town. I’ve since found several others I like, but I’ve never gone back to the Red Delicious.

  3. Forgot to mention, what with all the above excitement, I do like that green , I find it very calming. I know I see it properly, even though I’m classed as colour blind, with the deficiency being green

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