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    1. The less educated in our society denigrate education and the educated as elitist, probably as a defense mechanism because they aren’t as fortunate and perhaps feel inferior. IMO this describes a lot of Trump supporters, but saying that probably stamps me as one of those elitists.

  1. It’s sad that we’ve gotten to the point where the idea of using your brain is considered elitist, but that’s the way it seems to be now … dang all those blasted “facts” …

    1. Of course if we hadn’t screwed up our public education so badly, more people would be better educated and wouldn’t get suckered by fake news and snake oil salesmen.

    1. They probably still love to learn. We’ve just done a very good job of undermining our education system. We teach for the test, not for learning. We’ve lowered our standards repeatedly, passed kids who should have been held back, cut funding, etc. It used to be that if you graduated high school, you at least had some basic trade skills and a useful education. Now days kids don’t even get that. We pass them regardless of performance because teachers and schools want to look good and keep getting their funding. It’s been a long, sad story of continuing decline.

      1. And don’t forget the importance of good parenting from parents who know the value of a good education and keep pushing their kids to study. Parents who got a poor education themselves are not going to be much help to their kids. The cycle is hard to break.

    2. I personally think that the learning crisis is due to the Internet and the illusion that “ALL” the answers are just a few keystroke clicks away compliments of Google and Wikipedia. Who needs school anymore! 🙁

      1. Of course kids have been saying “Who needs school?” since before we were kids. You have to have some foundation or background in order to interpret the news, whatever the source, or to even know what really is news.

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