Congratulations, Mr. Vice President

President Barack Obama today surprised Vice President Joe Biden with the nation’s highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom with Distinction. Other recent recipients of Medals of Freedom with Distinction: Pope John Paul II, President Ronald Reagan, and Gen. Colin Powell.

Job well done, Mr. Vice President. Your years of service and dedication to the nation are well known and much appreciated.

(Now if only you and the President would stop making me cry. I’m running out of tissues.)

6 thoughts on “Congratulations, Mr. Vice President

          1. I know, understand and sympathize PT, pity the members of the so called ‘Electoral College’ did not have the courage that the US is proud of. they were in a position to right the situation but were lacking in the intestinal fortitude required. The shame falls squarely on their weak shoulders!

... and that's my two cents