Once upon a time there was a land called America …

(Steve Breen/San Diego Union-Tribune)
(Steve Breen/San Diego Union-Tribune)

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  1. Equally frightening is the fact that people are becoming more and more afraid to publicly say what’s on their mind…for fear of the responses from either/both sides.
    Wall around thoughts.
    Majority of the middle ground disappearing/overwhelmed by the extremes. News is not facts. Ignorance is increasing.
    Chilling indeed.
    Solid posting

    1. The campaign and election turned Americans against Americans. The only hopeful sign I see is Trump’s declining approval ratings. Maybe a lot of people who voted for him are beginning to realize what they’ve done … and are seeing that the emperor has no clothes.

      1. Too many approval measures to be sure of anything. Stock market (even today) and business seems happy -and it’s all about the money – as it would have been with Hillary who was backed by Wall street big time.
        All comes back to the fools who run the parties and only offered 2 flawed millionaires from the past. Doomed either way.
        Sure seems like feudal times on the horizon for here and in Europe no matter who’s ruling the hills.
        (And for the life of me why no one has suggested we help construct a wall omniscience’s Mexico’s southern border and help them get fight the drug cartels which would benefit all). It’s not influx of Mexican citizens ( which we here have close relationship with and have for a long time) but migration from Central and South America – it’s so bad the Mexican government who doesn’t want those people to stay in Mexico so authorities load migrants/refugees in buses and trains and take them to the US border.
        We really need to build stronger political and economic ties with all the countries in North and South America.
        But then again, I don’t get to do the executive orders.
        And in 4 years there’s always the chance to say “you’re fired”…meanwhile it’ll be fun and games with us all paying!

        1. I’m hoping someone will find a way to pull his fangs much sooner than 4 years from now. Muzzle him and throw him in a closet. Or something. Maybe he’ll pull a Palin and quit mid-term because the novelty has worn off and he’s tired of playing the game.

          1. At least get some common sense advisors. This whole new immigration policy/ temporary halt was worst implementation of a process/program ever.
            Hey, on another note, wonder if Obama will make it to Super Bowl – no problem getting a pass to get in and room in a skybox. We’ll be watching what planes come overhead – this would be his landing pattern zone)
            (Please don’t mention P. – it’s been so nice and quiet not having her yapping and snapping)

          2. Yep, big mess. Shows how little the guy knows about how to do things.

            As for the Super Bowl, I have zero interest beyond hoping the Patriots get stomped. And the Falcons aren’t the team to do that.

          3. Only thing of interest is guessing who spectators will be – at tickets starting @$4,000. only the real and reel elites….which means lots of whacko antics in the streets. That’s the amusement – and annoyance as money means you don’t get treated by or have to obey the laws…

    1. You know, on the one hand I’ve thought that show sounded very interesting and original, but on the other hand, it’s a subject too painful to seek out and pay to watch.

    1. I’ve been amazed — and pleased — to see the resurgence of “1984.” I read it when I was in school (didn’t everybody?) and the lesson stuck. It should be required reading for everyone.

  2. America will be here long after we are gone. Millions of people are exercising their right to protest actions by a president. Mid-term elections give us all a chance to elect many who will oppose further nutty actions. We have many checks and balances yet to come into play. It’s a sad situation right now, but our nation will endure.

  3. Perhaps a military coup might help, hold on the occupant of the Oval Office is the head honcho of the military so that puts the kyber on that suggestion.

    I happened to see a photo of the back of said person, about to board the helicopter, and he actually had the temerity to raise his hand to salute; after dodging the draft with a sore toe, he’s got more front than Myers!

    I must admit I liked the looks of the back of said person, pity it wasn’t for good!

    1. A military coup is certainly possible and I thought about that when Trump excluded the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs from some National Security Council meetings the other day. Also significant, the unprecedented appointment of a career military man to head the Defense Department. An excellent movie about the possibility of a coup was made in the early 1960’s, Seven Days in May. You can look it up. After the ascension of Trump the plot seems even more plausible.

  4. A military coup is the absolute worse possible solution. If Trump continues to alienate both traditional friends and foes alike, he’ll be removed by legal, ethical, moral and lawful political means.

    I can’t imagine the USA descending to the level of lawlessness we’ve observed in (especially) South American countries that end up with tinpot dictators who invariably bankrupt themselves.

    As a matter of fact, now that I think about it, the election of Trump is equivalent to that same kind of coup.

    It won’t last.

    1. See how advanced we are. We managed to get ourselves a tinpot dictator without the messy coup beforehand.

      I’m confident we also have ways of removing him from power without resorting to a military coup.

      1. Yeah, me too.

        The major difference is that Trump was lawfully elected rather than having initiated aggressive force to implement the coup. Considering that a significant number of state electors are (maybe soon to be only were) on his side, there’s going to be a lot of animosity regardless of what happens.

        It’s not gonna be pretty.

    1. Not much I can write that isn’t already being said by many others. And it would get ugly so fast that I figure it’s just best not to start. I’m not in denial; I’m just trying to stay out of the gutter.

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