Thank you, Mr. President


Thank you …

… for all you’ve done and all you’ve tried to do to make this a better country for everyone.

… for being a man and a president we could be proud of even if we disagreed with you.

… and for always conducting yourself with the dignity and grace befitting the office of president.

You will be missed.



18 thoughts on “Thank you, Mr. President

    1. Yes, I did a bit of blubbering this evening. The contrast between him and what’s coming is extremely painful.

      I didn’t hear anything about Sasha, but maybe one of the other channels mentioned it. Odd that she wasn’t there. Hope she’s not sick.

    1. Seth doesn’t come on here until 11:30, but I like to catch his political comedy/commentary. Don’t get much of that since Jon Stewart moved on. Listening to someone make fun of politicians makes me feel a little better, since it’s a laugh-to-keep-from-crying situation.

  1. He will be missed, greatly, world wide I do believe. He is more liked, and respected, by the rest of the worlds so-called civilized peoples, than many of his own.

    In time, and with not too much of it passing, he will become more appreciated for what he did and what he tried to do. Just sorry I’ll not be around to say “told you so” to some of my American acquaintances; that’s the lot that leant the wrong way! 👿

    He is a good man and an honest politician, which is saying much!

    He will be well remembered.

  2. I truly resonate with your views. I am not an American but nevertheless I am so massively respectful of him.I admire him for all the reasons you mentioned and beyond.My maiden post on WordPress was an ode to the President.I always be mighty proud of him!

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