Bush sounds a lot smarter now

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    1. It’s bizarre, isn’t it? I despised him so much that my son made up some name for my Bush-induced emotional problem. And now he seems quite reasonable compared to Trump …

  1. I submit that Bush hasn’t gotten any smarter at all, the comparison just makes him look that way. Who on god’s earth would have even thought we would be seriously discussing whether the press was essential to democracy? That’s a measure of just how far we’ve fallen in a month!

  2. I now kind of feel sorry for George Dubya, it’s always been obvious that he wasn’t the sharpest knife in the block, and he relied on the wrong people to give him the right advice. I could not come at his smug countenance.

    The job was too big for him, and he should never have emulated his father (become POTUS), his father wasn’t that sharp, and I don’t think that daddy’s role model was that sharp either..

    The US has only had a 40% success rate for the last 5 occupants of the Oval Office, which doesn’t say much for the voters of the US.

    An aliens point of view of course,

    1. I do wonder if he’d have said these things when he was president. He’s had some time to think about it and gain some perspective. Still, you’d hope anyone running for president would already hold strong beliefs about and a deep understanding of democracy, a free press, and presidential powers and responsibilities.

  3. A friend of mine had a great Facebook post today: “Has anyone besides myself noticed that former President George W. Bush remained almost entirely silent for eight years, refraining from any direct or even indirect criticism of Obama and/or his administration, but is now taking broad swipes at the current Republican president and his style of leadership?” I thought that was pretty astute.

    1. I saw him on the Ellen show this afternoon, and that was my first thought — that he’d been absolutely silent for eight years and suddenly was speaking up again. He was promoting his memoir that’s just been released, but even the timing on that makes one wonder.

      1. Oh, and I see he’s on Kimmel tonight, too. Definitely making the rounds for his book, but it doesn’t hurt that his opinions about a free press, etc., are getting lots of exposure now.

  4. Funny how many people are saying this now. Time heals all wounds? HA HA
    And he is a “free man” now – not a target or holding the responsibility anymore. Almost sounds grown up ( and away from his pushy father)
    (OMG Perry is sec. of energy. We used rot say about him “Just like Bush but not as smart.”)

    1. (I still think Bush was guilty of war crimes … )

      Yeah, Perry is scary. Any grown man who thinks printing is a signature … If only that were the only problem. And Trump appointed him as secretary of the deparment he forgot and wanted to eliminate … Sheesh, I’m getting too old for all this nonsense.

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