Even giraffe cam isn’t above criticism

Note: To be sure you’re always seeing the current genuine live feed, click the official link at aprilthegiraffe.com. There are countless fake sites with erroneous information. Going through aprilthegiraffe.com is the only way to be certain you’re seeing the real thing.

This is was a live feed of April the giraffe, originating at Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, NY. April is very pregnant and expected to give birth at any time. But Mother Nature has her own ideas about due dates.

April is 15 years old and this will be her 4th calf. She’s never lost a calf. Her mate, Oliver, in the adjoining pen, is 5 years old. The calf will weigh around 150 lbs. and will be about 6′ tall at birth. The front hooves will come out first, followed by the snout.

Interestingly, the webcam was taken down briefly by YouTube in response to a complaint about “nudity and sexual content.” Jordan Patch, the zoo director replied, “By kicking our live stream offline, you have literally removed an educational tool and have harmed the species survival more than you could ever recognize.” The live feed was restored.

At the time this was posted on Pied Type, the feed had 102,000 viewers. Not sure the video above is actually the live feed, since it timed out on me. Watch on YouTube to be sure. There’s a chat channel running there, if you can read really fast!

For a little perspective, here’s a screenshot from this evening, when April’s handler came in with treats:




(You may have to click both “Play” and “Live” to get the live camera)

20 thoughts on “Even giraffe cam isn’t above criticism

  1. Reminds me of the hubbub in the theater during the birth scenes in “Milo and Otis” … most of the parents were horrified, but the two boys a friend and I had accompanied thought it was cool (and said so, loudly).

    Some people are just waiting to be offended. It is my mission in life to annoy the hell out of them. 😉

  2. I’m sorry… what? How is that this was considered a reasonable and valid complaint?? (rhetorical question. don’t answer. I’m just miffed by the inane stuff I’ve seen online these days. Mebbe I should take a break.)

  3. I must admit I’m getting seriously worried by the looney right in the US of A; where on earth do these people live, La La Land?…. and I don’t mean a movie by that name.

    Are these a very vocal minority or what; I’m starting to have serious doubts. Is there something wrong with the education system there?

    Too much religion and not enough common sense seems to be the norm now in the US, and getting worse

        1. Yes I love them, I hated it when I watched an Attenborough program and there were two males fighting to the death, whacking each other with those great necks, It was sad but thats what happens when giraffe’s like April come along

          1. I watched that very segment just a night or two ago. Or something similar. Both survived in the sequence I saw. Amazing watching them fight. I’d have thought kicking would be the primary offense. Boy was I wrong.

  4. According to local news reports this site is currently very popular here in Little Rock and there is lot’s of chatter about getting giraffes back in our zoo. The Little Rock Zoo had a couple but one died as a result of a fight and the other was transferred. The zoo is said to be working on funding for procuring new ones.

  5. [caption id="attachment_50637" align="alignright" width="200"]April the photobomber April the photobomber[/caption]Update: There’s a new video up today from the head of Animal Adventure Park in which he answers a lot of questions about April. He also explains there are a lot of fake sites about April, including fake fundraising sites. To combat all of that, they’ve set up an official site from which you can access everything — links to the giraffe cam, news updates, etc.

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