It’s called checks and balances

Tweet from so-called president. By Bob Englehart. Copyright 2017 Cagle Cartoons

Apparently no one told our new president that he is not the boss of everybody.

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  1. Do you remember, during the second debate, I think it was, when he scolded HRC for not achieving some goal or other, and she shot back something about the GOP having all the power? At the time, I wondered if he really didn’t understand how the system works and the limitations, the checks and balances, as you say, are in place so that the POTUS just can’t go around commanding “Do this! Do that! Or else!”

    What a rude awakening for him. I’m just sorry that we have to endure the tantrums.

    1. I don’t recall that particular exchange, but I think it’s been obvious from the beginning that while he may know business, he knows squat about government — which is why I thought him a totally unfit, unqualified candidate (not to mention his erratic behavior). I am still appalled that so many Americans voted for him. He, and apparently they, seem to think running the country is just like running a big business. It’s not. Alarming ignorance on all sides.

    1. With Republican majorities in both the House and Senate, I think impeachment is unlikely anytime soon … if at all. But he’s already being sued for violating the emoluments clause of the Constitution, so let the games begin.

    1. He’s not running the country from Twitter, but he uses it to spew opinions almost daily (the above is one of his recent tweets). And now that those tweets are coming from the President of the US instead of just another citizen, the potential for missteps and misunderstandings is extreme. I haven’t heard that he uses Facebook (and I’m afraid to look!). I really wish someone would take his phone away from him, and/or the Secret Service would give him some modified phone that he can’t use for tweets. One of these days he’s going to pop off about some foreign leader and start a war or something.

        1. That sums it up nicely. “He doesn’t know how much he doesn’t know.” And the amount of stuff he doesn’t know is mind-boggling. And some of his closest advisors know even less than that!

        1. Imagine having to choose between giving up your career and risking your life to protect a man you can’t stand. The top SS agent in Denver wrote on Facebook last October that she’d rather go to jail than take a bullet for Trump. The latest information I can find is that she was suspended pending an investigation … her fate to be determined.

    1. I wish “sad” described it. I find it worrisome, frightening. Bad enough he doesn’t know anything about running a country. But he appears to be dangerously unstable besides.

  2. What worries me about Trump’s limitations as president is that he’s bound to discover the one area in which he can get immediate action: the military. It’s just a matter of time.

    1. It’s already happened once, with the Yemen raid. One serviceman killed, four wounded, and as many as 30 civilians, possibly some children, killed. 14 militants were killed. As noted in The Hill: “U.S. military officials told Reuters that the operation was approved without sufficient intelligence, ground support or adequate backup operations.” The New York Times provided a detailed story. The “valuable intel” gained from the raid was a 10-year-old video tape that had already been widely circulated on the internet.

      In addition to such ill-planned raids, I’m afraid he might decide one day that a well-placed nuke or two, say on Raqqa, Syria, might be just the ticket to “teach those terrorists a lesson.” Remember, he said in an interview during the election campaign that he didn’t understand why, if we have so many nukes, we don’t use them.

      1. The outgoing chief of homeland security said on one of the Sunday morning talking head shows that they were briefed on the raid before the transition took place.

        Nevertheless, it’s time for the protesters and Democrats to stop whining and start cataloging high crimes and misdemeanors.

        1. Yes, the Obama administration originally planned the raid. They were just waiting for a moonless night to execute it. Trump pulled the trigger, after consulting with his closest advisors — who are so well-versed in military tactics …

          If you are including the commenters here among your “protesters and Democrats,” don’t hold your breath waiting for silence. The man in the White House has neither the experience nor the temperament to be president and his erratic behavior since the election has only added to the anxiety and deep concern about the future. Legitimate concerns do not qualify as “whining.” And the cataloging of high crimes, misdemeanors, and everything else Trump does began on Election Day.

          1. My only point about whining instead of doing something useful is that disagreement with his actions and his stupidity aren’t actionable. You guys are going to have to find something actionable. E.g. Are any of his misstatements (lies) knowingly made? Has he used proprietary information to benefit any of his business’?

            How ever, you guys are going to have to do it without me cause I don’t like any of the Republicans that would come afterwards and the Democrats haven’t got any either.

          2. About all we can actually do is write and call our representatives in Washington, tell them what we think about specific, actionable violations, and remind them that we vote. No one I know is wealthy enough to make a meaning financial contribution, and there are no campaigns in progress where we can contribute time.

            Letters and phone calls did cause the GOP to back off on their idea to gut the independent ethics committee when they first convened in January, so it is possible to make oneself heard.

  3. Your blog today about DeVos has been removed. I could not view it. This is the second blog post I follow this has happened to. It makes me suspicious that some “big brother” government watchdog group has hacked into your blog and removed it. I would not put anything beyond this administration.

    1. I’m sorry you’re having trouble seeing the post, but the problem may be at your end. There’s no indication of trouble or hacking on my end, and at least 10 people have viewed the post so far this morning, and three have posted comments.

      So if I understand correctly, you can see and comment on this post, “It’s called checks and balances,” but you cannot see or get to the post titled “Devos bought herself a cabinet position today.” Did you see a screen message about a 404 error? That’s what you would see if the post had been removed.

      Or the problem could be with WordPress’s “subscribe” or “follow” functions. They sometimes malfunction.

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