‘The powers of the president … will not be questioned’


A few hours ago I could not have told you who Stephen Miller is. Now I can tell you he’s the jaw-droppingly officious little jerk who made the above assertion on Face the Nation yesterday. If you prefer not to watch videos, let me quote:

Our opponents, the media and the whole world will soon see, as we begin to take further actions, that the powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned.

Let me repeat: “… the powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned.”

What the hell!? Who does he think he is? He is, frighteningly, Donald Trump’s senior policy advisor. And apparently he was all over the Sunday talk shows yesterday saying pretty much the same thing.

My first thought was that he looked and sounded like some cold-eyed little Nazi praising Der Führer. Or some North Korean guy parroting a speech about the Dear Leader.

Stephen Miller

If you want to hear more of his absurd statements, there are videos all over the place right now. Or just search for Stephen Miller on YouTube. [Additional video now in Comments, below.]

Meantime, I’ve wasted enough brain cells on Washington today.

49 thoughts on “‘The powers of the president … will not be questioned’

    1. Apparently he’s been close to Trump for quite a while, but I’d remained blissful ignorant of his existence until today. His arrogance and ignorance are absolutely stunning.

      1. He only like and employs sycophants obviously.
        He’s obviously not an admirer of Winston Churchill, and Churchill was a very Conservative politician. Churchill stated quiet categorically that he would not employ people who would not take a drink. He didn’t trust people who wouldn’t drink, because he only wanted to here the truth whether he liked it or not, and therein lies the difference between a politician and statesman and a TV ‘personality’.
        I’m not saying that the presidents people don’t drink, just illustrating the difference, trump only hears what he wants to hear, there dammit I mentioned his name and I swore I never would! 🙁

  1. Talk about my stomach sinking. Trump has to go. I’d rather have Pence, which isn’t much better. But Pence isn’t mentally unstable like Trump and doesn’t want to be the supreme ruler. Plus he understands how it works in Congress and the government. Trump thought he was walking into a role where he could do whatever he wanted and harshly learned that he cannot.

  2. I just have walked away from watching this stuff and Sunday morning press type shows. The shakedown cruise is hitting rough water…finally.
    We’ll see what floats out next. We’d better hope there’s no major disasters anytime soon. People are just too darn divided and angry. Military law is so undesirable…and will not be tolerated.

    1. I’d mostly stopped watching the Sunday morning news shows, too. That’s why I didn’t see this smug, condescending little toad until yesterday afternoon. Then, in disbelief, I started looking for more information. Unfortunately, all I found was confirmation and still more outrageous statements.

  3. johnthecook The powers of the President will not be questioned…. I THINK NOT! I will question every action of any Political leader when I think there is a need or cause. Stephen Miller is not so smart!

    1. He’s perfect casting for a steely-eyed goose-stepping Nazi officer who declares “Der Führer is the supreme leader. He is infallible. You will obey!” Whether in a movie or in a nightmare, he fills the bill.

        1. I read somewhere that he’s 31. I think his immaturity is showing. An older, wiser political activist wouldn’t display such overt stupidity. But now that he’s being mentored by Trump, who knows …

          1. Oh yes, I was actually watching last night. Meyers is my current favorite for political commentary. I just wish he were on a little earlier here (starts at 11:30 pm).

    1. Hi, and welcome. Yes, he’s really full of himself because his boss is the president. On the other hand, maybe this is his normal “warm” personality. In which case maybe we should feel a bit sorry for him ….
      Somebody needs to replace his binky with a gag.

    1. Certainly possible. I’ve read comments elsewhere saying the same thing. If he is reading, then one has to wonder who wrote that garbage he’s spewing. He’s still an idiot, either for believing and saying such stuff himself, or for agreeing to be used and made to look like an autocratic fool. Just another Trump pawn losing credibility.

    1. Just read the transcript, and it’s exactly what I’m most concerned about right now — a bunch of Trump’s operatives talking frequently (colluding?) with the Russians during the campaign. It’s a cinch they weren’t just exchanging recipes. The Russians are sly opportunists; the Trump people know nothing about international politics and intrigue. What could possibly go wrong?

      1. Why talk to Russians well here is just a little hint hint that any man who has a campaign would know “it is a fact Russians have nuclear weapons” like it is a fact for those of us who know what those are that one must have a friendship with counties that have such insignificant things. But your so right “Trumps people know nothing about international politics.” After all if they did know something why in the world would they want to establish peace with a country that has such lol cant help my self “insignificant things as nuclear weapons”.

        1. The current administration should very definitely talk to the Russians. Constantly. But these guys were doing it before Trump was inaugurated. They had no authority then (one president at a time!). The two stories I’ve heard say either (1) they were colluding to get Trump elected and/or (2) they were making promises about overturning Obama’s sanctions against them for interfering in the election. Either way, they had no business doing it.

          1. Ye talk about business, those of us who have one or know anything about having one. Know that one has to have good connection with people over seas there are something that you can get in different areas. So take the theory that it wasn’t due to his business who is to say its wrong for him to ask for support from those he once new. Or like and man who wants to be elected its only logical to see it there are people who have your views here and there. People are more honest when your are running in the election and not winning it. If he was to contact people after he won he would get more fake support than he would have having not won get. You have to know who your friends are before your are in power than to get so many new ones when you win. If they supported his views before would they be more of an alliance than those who only support you when you win.

          2. You DO NOT involve foreign powers (or businesses) in an American election. Friends or not. And how do you know if they’re friends or if they’re just trying to curry favor with the future president? How do you know they aren’t just trying the help the most gullible, most easily manipulated candidate win? Telling them anything could be treasonous. And it could be used after the election to influence or blackmail you. We can brook no foreign interference in our election. We must assure that our government is ours and not a puppet of another government. True friends before the election will be friends after the election, and will respect the fact that they must not be involved in our elections. To do so would put the friendship in jeopardy and cause motives to be questioned.

          3. Government is businesses and if you didn’t know that you really don’t know how politics work<3 This idea that Russians are bad and the fact that some seem to think they helped Trump win is silly think about it this way. Russians are looked as the big bad wolf so if they were Pro Trump wouldn’t they but hanging out with some other guy so Trump would win. All these conspiracy theories are crazy, just because you will an election don’t mean shit. To really change anything in the government one would have to do this and that… It all takes time to change one thing you need more than just the precedent say so. You my dear are over reacting, election is over and nothing so significant has happened nor will it.

          4. Please don’t patronize me with “my dear.” And if you think government is just business (as Trump seems to think), then neither you nor he understands politics, diplomacy, international relations, etc. It’s far more complex than just running a business, and the stakes are much, much higher.

            I’m not alone in thinking the Russians (the government, not the people) are the bad guys and our biggest enemy. My opinion was set during the Cuban missile crisis. Nothing catastrophic has happened since Election Day (it’s only been a month). But there’s been a great deal of unnecessary chaos and confusion. We won’t get through four years of this without something breaking — badly, if not catastrophically.

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