Giraffe born at Denver zoo while world watches NY’s April

Meet Dobby, the Denver Zoo's new giraffe (Photo: Denver Zoo)
Meet Dobby, the Denver Zoo’s new giraffe (Photo: Denver Zoo)

While the world watched (and continues to watch) April, the New York giraffe expected to give birth at any time, a giraffe was born at the Denver Zoo on February 28. His name is Dobby.

Dobby was a surprise to everyone since his mom, Kipele, is 23 years old and has been on birth control. Zoo staff only recently began suspecting she was pregnant.

Just 5 feet tall and 73 pounds at birth, Dobby was about half the size and weight of a normal newborn giraffe (6 ft, 150 lbs.). Kipele was sick this year, which may account for Dobby’s small size. He was weak and had difficulty standing and nursing. A plasma transfusion helped boost his immune system and by Sunday, March 5, he was on his feet, had gained 10 pounds and, because the weather was mild, was allowed to explore the outdoors and meet the public for the first time.

Giraffe calves typically nurse for about 6 months before being weaned. They usually double in height in their first two years, reaching an average adult height of 12 feet.

Photos provided by Denver Zoo. More on the Denver Post website.

9 thoughts on “Giraffe born at Denver zoo while world watches NY’s April

  1. That first photo really does resemble Dobby– a good name. Now as long as kids don’t try giving him socks. ☺ Me, too, hope he catches up with his growth & turns out to be as big & strong as his parents! (and sorry April fever overshadowed his birth)

    1. It was my pleasure. I couldn’t wait to share that picture. He’s just too cute for words. I do hope he’s past the rough spots now and grows up big and strong.

        1. April’s camera has been offline for a couple of hours. There will be thousands of disappointed viewers if she calves while the camera is down.

          Ooops, never mind. It’s back up now.

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