Clueless … and then some

The Week and Reuters/Carlos Barria

Both my intellectual and emotional health require that I not spend more than a few minutes a day thinking, talking, or hearing about Donald Trump. I should probably include my physical health as well since any Trump exposure tends to turn my stomach and raise my blood pressure.

That said, I will simply refer you to an article that describes perfectly how I feel about the man. It saves me from having to wallow in the swamp and write it myself. If you’re so inclined, check out The Week’s “The most clueless man in Washington.”

Of course the title alone may be all you need.

10 thoughts on “Clueless … and then some

  1. I’ve had to turn off news completely – too much craziness
    But that does not mean I will spend more time cleaning house. Not scorching and mosquitoes yet, so escaping outdoors ( so I worry about once summer arrives…the smoke from burning MX fields has arrived and is very bad. But not getting stuck inside until absolutely necessary (Snow as far as Amarillo…ahhhh we’ll take any sort of cool-ish north winds!)

    1. That smoke would ruin me, especially in addition to what seemed to me to be suffocating humidity the one time I was there. And the news is just uniformly crazy. Even the local news is mostly shootings, hit and runs, house explosions, etc.

    1. With all the craziness he’s already exhibited, it’s hard to imagine we’ll get through his term without him starting some otherwise avoidable war. He seems determined to have the last word and the biggest stick when it comes to Kim Jon un.

  2. While Donald Trump – or The Donhole, as I call him – may be the most clueless person in Washington, he is not the most clueless person in the country, not by a long shot. That distinction goes to the 98% of his supporters who would still vote for him, despite the negative effects that The Donhole’s policies – from healthcare to tariffs to wacko economics – will have on them.

    1. Gotta admit those folks really have me scratching my head. They may have been duped, or just hoping against hope, when they voted for him. But to continue to support him after seeing him in action for several month … it’s beyond my comprehension.

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