Teeniest, tiniest origami cranes

Tiny origami crane by David Kawai (Photo: David Kawai)

Tiny origami crane by David Kawai (Photo: David Kawai)

David Kawai, a photojournalist in Ottawa, Canada, makes what surely must be the world’s tiniest origami cranes. Unless someone else has extremely tiny hands or uses tweezers, or maybe pins and a microscope. Kawai, however, uses only his bare hands (and fingernails) and about 45 minutes.

I am fascinated by tiny things, and these cranes absolutely blow my mind.

More pictures (by David Kawai, of course) and a description of his process can be found on Bored Panda.

And for doubters, here’s timelapse proof:

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    1. She’s the one who originally tweeted some of his pictures and they went viral. She has no one to blame but herself. Besides, it probably keeps him busy and out of trouble at home.

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