Warm thoughts and well wishes to Ronni Bennett today

Quietly, soberly, I’m thinking about Ronni Bennett today. Many of you probably know her as author and administrator of the blog Time Goes By. She has, for a number of years (I’m not sure how many) written with humor and insight about the trials of growing old — what it’s really like to grow old — and her army of followers is huge.

That means there are a lot of people around the country sending out thoughts and prayers of warmth, hope, and support for Ronni. One of nature’s ugliest creations, pancreatic cancer, chose to strike her (she’s in her mid 70s). Over the last few weeks she’s undergone numerous tests to determine the exact nature of her disease and decide the best way to proceed. The good news is it was caught fairly early and it’s in a location that lends itself to the Whipple Procedure, a very complex 8-hr surgery that could give her a 21% chance at survival for five years, about as good as it gets for pancreatic cancer. The surgery will begin this morning.

If you know Ronni, consider dropping her a note of support. There’s a contact form on her blog, or comment on her Monday post. Otherwise, just hold your loved ones a little closer and give thanks that this time you and they were spared.

Sleep well tonight, Ronni. You’ve had a big day and the prayers of thousands are with you. Remember, no one fights alone!


9 thoughts on “Warm thoughts and well wishes to Ronni Bennett today

  1. I follow her blog too and love it! I so wish Ronni well and to be in that 21%. We need her humor, intelligence and compassion.

  2. Thanks for posting this. I’ve been sending Ronnie my best wishes from the day I heard about this, and will do so again today. She is an inspiration to many of us, older persons and bloggers alike.

  3. THAT is the worse possible cancer, that one can ever be unfortunate enough to be stuck with, I never knew how devastating it is until my Nurse (so as not to confuse with PT Susan) Susan, told/explained to me of the violent nature of this form of cancer.
    I had not heard of Ronni before but I join with all her friends and followers in wishing her the well.

    1. Yep, I’ve always heard it’s the deadliest form of cancer. But hers was in an operable location, and at last report she’s doing well after a 14-hour surgery.

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