Month: July 2017

News flash: The Mooch is out!

ABC just broke in to my daytime tv with a very welcome news flash. Anthony Scaramucci, that foul-mouthed, cringe-inducing goodfella look-alike sent in from central casting, is out as White House communications director. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving… Read More ›

A murmuration of sheep

Sheep herding, New Zealand style. It takes some well-trained dogs to pull this off, and you have to look closely to even see them in this video from aerial photographer Tim Whittaker. It was posted to YouTube in February 2016… Read More ›

Marmots on Niwot Ridge

I’ve spent a lot of time using the controllable TundraCam, up on Niwot Ridge near Nederland, CO (17 miles west of Boulder). It’s at 11,600 feet, in the middle of an area of research projects, with great views of surrounding… Read More ›