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Brown bears and salmon and seagulls, oh my!

Summertime, and the fishin' is easy
Summertime, and the livin’ is easy. Fish are jumpin’ … (Click for current view)

Hard to believe it’s been a year already. But the Katmai (Alaska) National Park bear cam is operating again at Brooks Falls. The salmon are running and the bears are feasting. It’s a live camera (several cameras, actually), with sound, and if only for the hypnotic roar of the river, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

Also, be sure to scroll down the page for lots of interesting information about the bears. Under “profiles,” for example, you can find pictures of the different bears and their names.

Someone, probably a park service employee, operates the camera and changes the view occasionally.

The number of bears on scene varies with the time of day (more of them late in the day, as I recall), and last year I got one screenshot with 11 bears in it. But bears or no bears, the salmon never stop jumping. It’s the world’s largest sockeye salmon run.

And oh yes, cubs. There will be cubs.

Take it from a webcam habitué, this is the webcam to beat all.

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