Trump at G20 making America great again

From the Washington Post

This morning’s Washington Post newsletter featured this photo with the headline “Growing U.S. isolation on display at G-20 as world aligns against Trump policies.”

My reaction was profound sadness. That’s not Donald Trump sitting there alone. That’s the United States. That’s my once-proud nation sitting alone, ignored, and utterly disinterested at a gathering of world leaders.

This is our president … “making America great again.”


9 thoughts on “Trump at G20 making America great again

  1. He looks as blank as he really is!

    Whoever follows this Chump will probably appear the greatest POTUS ever; even if he’s as useless as a “two bob watch”

    My sympathies to all those thinking Americans who did not vote for “the chump” oops, ‘The trump”!

  2. Yes, sadness, that’s the feeling. But that’s not what he’s feeling—he just wants to get this over so he can get back on the gold course. That’s what I see in his expression and his body language.

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