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  1. I’m so annoyed at the lack of news ex. about Wash. that I even am restoring to watching the 6 O’Clock News. And without info from Twitter I would not even realize that N. Orleans is flooding again. Friends on Facebook tell me about the wildfires all over the west that are ruining air quality. And yet global warming is just a “theory.”
    We need real, hard news and instead are just getting lazy phoned in journalism and talking heads.


    • Amen to all that. I watch local news, and sometimes national network news if they aren’t talking about Washington, but I’ve given up completely on cable “news.”


    • Here in Sydney we are mid winter and today the temperature is in the low 20’s, that’s Celcius, which is 72.4 F, Believe me even for Sydney thats odd!
      But don’t worry our right wing loony pollies tell us theres no such thing as global warming. They haven’t said anything about global heating though, perhaps they are waiting for an opportunity, like when we’re all asleep or dead! 😀


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