Try these ideas when you’re bored at work …

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From Bored Panda, here are some of my favorite examples of what people do when they get bored at work. At the moment there are 95 amazing photos in the collection. You can vote up or down on any photo. Currently the potato chip sculpture is leading the pack. And I thought it was my favorite until I saw some of the others. Love the carved pencil and am fascinated by the seeded strawberry. (Would one use tweezers to do that?) Check out the story. You’ll enjoy the humor and creativity (unless you happen to be the boss).


5 thoughts on “Try these ideas when you’re bored at work …

  1. I checked them all out, some are quite brilliant. My favourite was the carved pencil. How the Aussie managed to balance those 50c coins is beyond me, I’d have to use glue. I like the paper clip thingys too, but the pencil get my vote, don’t know how to cast a vote couldn’t see a polling booth with a sausage sizzle outside 🙂

    1. Nope, no sausage. Just little up and down arrows under each pic that you can click on — if you log in.

      That pencil is amazing, isn’t it? Took a really delicate touch to complete that. And maybe a lot of broken pencils along the way.

  2. Most impressive. But this says a lot about the nature of work in the world today, does it not? So much of it has evolved (devolved?) into sitting and typing into a computer. Just yesterday I checked into the clinic for some skin surgery. First, the person outside the office took my name, typed, and printed a paper which he gave me. I guess it was to somehow identify me so I didn’t get confused with someone else. Then, once in the chair, the nurse did a lot more typing. What was it? I don’t know, but it took awhile. I waited patiently of course. If someone is typing or merely staring at the screen, we have been conditioned to wait, assuming that some kind of progress is taking place. They could be planning their next vacation for all I know.

    1. Many of today’s jobs would drive me bonkers. Including those you mentioned. I’m on my computer many hours a day, but always doing different, interesting things of my own choosing.

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