Estes Park webcams page now has map

(Note, 9/25/22: This map has been removed from Pied Type)

I suppose it was inevitable that when I figured out how to make custom maps with Google’s My Maps feature, I’d make one. And the obvious things for me to mark on such a map were the locations of all my favorite webcams. So I’ve been tinkering for several days, figuring out how to put the pins on the map and how to add images and links to each one. In a way it’s a compact version of everything that’s already displayed in Favorite webcams: Estes Park, Rocky Mountain NP, Colo. Front Range. The only things missing are the slideshows (which I like, although they may not appeal to everyone).

Anyway, on my webcam page you’ll now find the following link:

P.S. The list of locations is in a dropdown menu on the left. (Click the down arrow next to “All items.”)

7 thoughts on “Estes Park webcams page now has map

    1. I hope you enjoyed Estes. The town has gotten pretty crazy with traffic and all, but the park is my favorite place in the world. I revisit the area almost daily through these webcams.

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