Walk, don’t run, in this hallway

Courtesy of Duncan Cook/Casa Ceramica

Tired of people running down their hallway (supposedly), Casa Ceramica, a tile company in Manchester, UK, installed this optical illusion floor. It also happens to be a great attention-getting device.

A company representative said β€œthe inspiration was to create an entrance themed on illusions and exceed expectations of how tiles can be used.” I imagine it works quite well to slow people, at least on their first visit.

Story and picture are from Bored Panda, where you can find several more pictures and an animated GIF showing the owner walking normally across the floor (see also in the video below).

No matter how long I stare at it, that floor refuses to look flat.

10 thoughts on “Walk, don’t run, in this hallway

    1. That would be a dirty trick, but so funny! πŸ˜† Those drunks have enough trouble getting down the sidewalk as it is. And sober people would wonder if they really were sober or not.

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