It’s your internet … for now

Net neutrality is at stake. Please call and/or write to your representatives in Washington and tell them how important your internet access is to you. Tell them how unfair it would be for the FCC to allow the big telecommunications companies to monopolize the internet, set rates to suit themselves, offer high speed to big businesses who can pay while slowing access to the underlings who can’t pay — and who will have no recourse because most areas in the US are served by only one internet service provider.

If you aren’t familiar with the issue of net neutrality, please educate yourself before it’s too late. I’ve written about it in the past and current stories can easily be found on the internet. (The Electronic Frontier Foundation is always a good source of accurate information.)

The FCC votes on December 14. The internet access you currently enjoy is at stake. Please act now.


14 thoughts on “It’s your internet … for now

  1. You’re probably a voice crying in the wilderness PT; nobody will care until it’s too late.

    Here in Australia we have been forced, by our government, those parasites elected to represent us. to switch to what the call NBN.

    And who gets the benefit of this? One rupert murdock! That creature born here , but now an American, and an Englishman, and an Australian whatever suits him for a profit

    We can’t win and I doubt that you will either PT, once more I offer my condolences to you and the American people, who deserve better.

      1. The way I read the EFF’s explanation is a pretty good chronicling of how various government agencies ( and congress ) have misdiagnosed a problem that does not yet exist as well as the solution if it ever does.

        1. The problem doesn’t yet exist, and we don’t want it to. We’ve plenty of examples of what happens when you loosen the reins on large corporations. Once they get control, no one has enough money to rein them in again.

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