Peril and patriotism

Josh Edelson / AFP – Getty Images

This time of year the media like to post galleries of “the year in pictures” — their collections of the best photojournalism from throughout the year. I always enjoy the great photography, but after going through several galleries, the photos tend to start blending together.

This one, however, stood out. I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I was so appreciative, so inspired and uplifted by these firefighters who thought to pause and save an American flag from the oncoming flames.

(This photo is from the gallery posted at The firefighters are Steven Baldock, Kristopher Garayalde, and Scott Crumrine. The fire was in Oroville, Calif., on July 8. Not lost on me is the fact that the photographer, Josh Edelson, was obviously right there with the firefighters.)

9 thoughts on “Peril and patriotism

      1. Nobody sets great store by their flag as do the Americans, lets face it; it’s a great looking flag, probably the best looking flag on earth and a symbol that the citizens cherish.

        I’m English &/or Australian, depending on the circumstances and neither of the flags do much for me, just a patterned, coloured, piece of material flapping or not on a pole. They certainly don’t get my pulse racing.

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