Weeping for America

Donald Trump (Photo: Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post)

Speaking for me yesterday: Philip Kennicott of the Washington Post. In “What did the men with Donald Trump do when he spoke of ‘shithole countries’?” Kennicott tells of weeping, first when he read about the woman in Baltimore who was put out on the street in nothing but a hospital gown, and then again when he heard about Donald Trump’s reference to “shithole countries.”

I share his despair. And outrage. I had no words for what I felt as I watched Imamu Baraka’s video of that Baltimore woman being left outside in freezing weather in nothing more than a flimsy hospital gown and socks, her belongings in a bag at the bus stop. (I suppose it was expecting too much for the staff who put her out to at least dress her beforehand.)

And more outrage when I heard about Trump’s inexcusably vulgar, racist comments about “shithole countries.” He is, unfortunately for all of us, the president of this nation. And yet he doesn’t hesitate to use the most vile language to express his disgusting racist ideas. And he sees nothing wrong with it. No doubt there are a lot of Americans who share his speech habits and racist ideas (his beloved “base”), but they aren’t in the public eye, the international public eye, as president of the world’s most powerful nation.

I weep, not because I doubt the goodness of most of the people among whom I live in this country. There must be more Imamu Barakas than Donald Trumps in this land. Rather, I weep because the training in moral and civic corruption has already begun, it will inevitably continue, and it is gathering speed.  — Philip Kennicott

Baltimore woman left on street. Temperature was in the 30s. (From video by Imamu Baraka)

26 thoughts on “Weeping for America

    1. I’ve heard of patient dumping, where hospitals turn away patients who can’t pay. But it never occurred to me that it might include physically hauling an obviously incoherent, incapacitated woman out into freezing weather without even putting her clothers back on and leaving her there. I’m no lawyer, but I’d call it depraved indifference. Firing is too good for the person responsible.

  1. There is more than cruelty at work in this Baltimore story. I read that the woman was mentally ill. Our system, such as it is, is vastly under funded to handle such cases. I see this as a glaring symptom of the problem which is only going to get worse

    1. It’s obvious in the video that she’s non compos mentis. Doesn’t matter. Putting her out on the street in freezing weather in nothing but a hospital gown strikes me as criminally negligent.

  2. johnthecook…Was the woman in Baltimore put out on the streets;or did she manage to escape? Let us hear from someone who KNOWS the facts and not just speculation. As for The President and his “foot-in-mouth disease,he has shown the world he can be crass,rude and down right foul mouthed. Not in his defence,but when the interview is over and the microphone is left on many a politician has been heard to say some very awful things. President Trump just happens to say things that come from someone who just does not care what others think. Not to worry a day of reckoning will come when he least expects it.

    1. See the video for what happened to the Baltimore woman. The four men who took her to the curb are seen returning to the hospital with their empty wheelchair. As for Trump’s day of reckoning, the sooner the better. I’m not sure the country can stand three more years of his incompetence.

  3. “The Baltimore Incident” could not possibly happen where I live, and is completely unimaginable. I’m damned glad that I don’t live in the “greatest, most powerful nation on the planet”.
    I do believe that there are many Americans who agree wholeheartedly with trump, and not just the so called rednecks, but those with power and influence; who will not even waken when it all comes back to bite them!
    What a sad place the US has become since I was last there.
    I sympathise with the many who realize and understand where the US is plummeting, but it will not last unless they rid themselves of the curse. sooner rather than later

    1. The problem with power and influence is that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Powerful, corrupt individuals are not unique to the US, but once they become entrenched, I’m not sure how to remove them.

  4. johnthecook…and then i have heard the comment that President Trump is only saying what people want to say but do not have the guts to say,bad language and all.

    1. I’ve heard that too. But polite, intelligent people know enough to moderate their language around others and/or in public. Especially leaders, who must consider the impact of their words on everyone who hears them.

  5. I’ve had enough…This Saturday, I will join the women (and men) who will be marching to the State House in Indianapolis. I may not be able to do much, but I can stand in solidarity with my fellow citizens who find this man repulsive and a stain on our country…He is NOT my President.

    1. Glad to hear someone is still marching in opposition to that loathsome creature occupying our White House. Nothing like that going on here anymore. Seems like everyone has just gone into survival mode

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