Fly Eagles fly!

The Pats remind me of a guy I knew in high school. He cheated his way through everything and everybody knew it. I kept thinking it would catch up with him someday, but it never did.


Feb. 4 update: The Eagles won, 41-33!


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    1. I think it often is declared a holiday in the city of the winning team, so that they can celebrate, have a parade, etc. But seriously, it’s just a football game. If only we accorded as much attention and money to our society’s big problems …

  1. It’s all about money, millionaire players, billionaire owners, media moguls, advertising agencies, all hungry for so much more; when will enough be enough?

    Only when the fans stop watching the games and the hullabaloo that surrounds them!

    TV has been the curse of the 20th and now the 21st centuries

    1. I was a big football fan for many years. First high school, then college and the pros. I still watch an occasional game. I don’t think fans will ever stop watching. I’m just sorry that so much money goes to a sport vs other things.

      1. It’s no longer sport it’s just business,
        When I was at school we a were taught the old English system of play up, play up, and play the game. In other words to play the game/sport for that game/sports sake, do your best to bring ‘honour and glory’ to it. I rather enjoyed that, it didn’t matter if I failed, which on occasion I did, but I always gave it my best shot, and that was what mattered.

      2. I’ve just switched on my TV, seems that the game is just starting and there is some young female screaming her head off, I think she’s trying to sing, I don’t know as I’ve got it on mute
        It’s 10 am here in Sydney

          1. I imagine a trained singer with a proper orchestra or band playing the correct music, not some hip hop arrangement would have no difficulty in singing the US anthem properly and in silence and bring tears to the eyes of many. Now it’s just a pop song mutilated by idiots.
            It’s a fine anthem the US anthem wish we had one half as good. We went from singing God Save The Queen to ludicrous words sung to the tune of God Bless the Prince of Wales. The Australians are indeed a weird mob 😈

          2. I don’t appreciate anyone trying to put their personal twist on the anthem. It has one arrangement, it has a couple of high notes that must be well managed, and good singers will sometimes lipsync just to make sure it goes well. Don’t throw in hiphop, jazz, or anything else.

      3. I noticed that this one hour of gridiron is on for 4 hours? 4 x ¼hr = 1hr, so this is on for FOUR, must be a big heap of TV advertizing about to assail me.
        I don’t refer to it as football because they don’t ! 😈

        1. I saw this morning that the pregame show (on TV) was to be four hours long! A game usually runs about 3 1/2 hours by the time they get through timeouts, play reviews, commercials, half-time, etc. This evening’s game was about 4 hours.

          1. I know. I had it on 😈 not that I watched much of it, there was very little play plenty of ads and experts yakking their heads off.
            I actually think it’s quite ridiculous that it takes so long to play 4 x 15 minute quarters of ball game. The game of Rugby both Union and League is played over 90 minutes with a break after 40 of 10 mins They also do not wear armour,
            It amused me at the end I watched a player being interviewed and hae was apanting out of breath as if he’d just run a world record of the Marathon. Then had the temerity to say that they were now the world champs. Funny thing is only the Americans play this gridiron (perhaps the Canucks do too) so how they can claim the world title is beyond me, Yhay must go to Soccer or Rugby Union , both games are played throughout the world.
            ANyway I quite enjoy the game when they don’t have all the nonsense half time entertainment and charge $3.000.000: 00 for a30 second commercial. It’s not football it’s just business

          2. The ads are of great interest to a lot of people. Advertisers usually go all out with time and money to produce their very best commercials. Some can be quite entertaining.

    2. And all the brouhaha and harping on about patriotism and unpatriotic players drives me nuts: the anthem stuff and “traditional” displays of patriotism were paid for by the government during WW2. Now they’ve become a hybrid of patriotic consumerism–all about the money and the pageantry, and you’re positively un-American if you don’t swallow it!

      I didn’t even know who was playing until this morning. Until I saw a messed up Super Bowl cake, I’d forgotten it was even going on. I stopped caring about football eons ago. No wonder somebody thinks the monday after should be a holiday. Stupid!

      1. As a war baby, I grew up learning respect for the flag and anthem. I think the kneeling players are wrong and should have chosen another venue. My only interest in the game is that the Pats lose.

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