GOP supports (their own) gun-free zones

A number of Republicans, while denouncing gun-free zones for others, enforce a few for themselves. An article on Alternet notes five places that Republicans, for their own personal safety, maintain and enjoy the protection of gun-free zones:

1. The White House. Oddly enough, while condemning gun-free zones as open invitations to shooters, Trump isn’t inviting guns into the White House. The wiser Secret Service still has its guns, but visitors aren’t allowed to carry guns. Don’t know why, when all those visiting good guys with guns could help stop any bad guys with guns.

2. The Republican National Convention. If good guys with guns make everybody safer, why on earth wouldn’t the GOP want hoards of gun-toting delegates to fill their convention hall? It would make everyone so much safer.

3. Mar-a-Lago. This one really takes the cake. The president himself, despite all his talk about the danger posed by gun-free zones, has made his own Mar-a-Lago resort a gun-free, knife-free, laser-free, pepper-spray-free, etc-free zone. Guess he’s not willing to practice what he preaches. No surprise there.

4. The US Capitol Building. The Alternet article asks: “… what kind of heartless, cruel and immoral people consistently vote against gun control for most Americans’ work lives, but cynically keep guns far away from their own place of business?”

5. Republican Town Halls. Many of them prohibit guns. What? Republican legislators afraid of being shot by all those good guys with guns? Since angry constituents might be bad guys with guns, fearful legislators ban guns at their own town hall meetings. And here in Colorado, some of those legislators take it a step further. They don’t attend their own meetings.

What a bunch of hypocrites.

19 thoughts on “GOP supports (their own) gun-free zones

  1. Hypocrites or cowards?

    …and their credo? ….Don’t do as we do, do as we say”

    THEY, obviously, suspect that there is reason for attempts to be made on THEIR lives. Probably a well founded fear when one thinks about it

    1. These safe zones are mostly the work of previous administrations, the Secret Service, or local city and state regulations. But if Republicans really believe what they say about safe zones, you’d expect to see them eliminating them wherever possible.

      Coward is exactly the right word for the Colorado senator who didn’t show up at his own town halls because he knew perfectly well he’d face an angry mob with tough questions he didn’t want to have to answer.

      Yep, hypocrites AND cowards. Fearing for their lives? They should be. How do they think those Parkland students feel? And all the other students in this country, or anyone who might be the victim of gun violence? Damn legislators all have their protections, their safe zones and body guards (much of it paid for by donations from the NRA).

  2. johnthecook…even Democrats had gun-free zones for their own personal safety while they were in charge. Some of those places included,but were not limited to The White House,all Federal Government Buildings,all State Capital Buildings,The Democratic National Convention,many of The Democratic Town Halls,and even Paradise Point Estates at Kailua Bay,Hawaii when President Obama was there. How many Democrats want to denounce these places as gun-free zones?
    Wake up America. People kill people. It is not the object of their affections that do it. Where there is a will there is a way,from one at a time to thousands at a time…it can be done. “The heart is deceitful above all things,and desperately wicked: who can know it.” I have an answer,but you may not like it.

    1. I didn’t say the Republicans established these gun-free zones. I said they maintain and enjoy benefitting from them. As I noted above, “if Republicans really believe what they say about safe zones, you’d expect to see them eliminating them wherever possible.”

  3. Most, if not all, of the “gun free” zones mentioned are surrounded by armed guards, metal detectors, bomb and drug sniffing dogs and legally armed (security and commissioned officers) customers. Why not try that strategy in schools if solving the shooting problem is the real goal?

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