#Enough won’t be enough

Of all the demonstration photos I’ve seen, this is the one that stood out. It’s from Notre Dame High School in West Haven, Conn.

The media yesterday were full of pictures and stories about students across the country walking out of class in remembrance of the seventeen killed in Parkland, Fla., two weeks ago. There were marches, prayer vigils, moments of silence, gatherings at memorials … and signs everywhere. Demands for safer schools, fewer guns, photos of those who died. I could not have sympathized more with their cause, with the anger, grief, and fear that drove them.

Yet I was also saddened in a different way, knowing how sincere and motivated they were but also knowing how utterly futile their demonstrations probably were. There are deaf ears and blind eyes — broken moral compasses — in government that refuse to acknowledge the will of the people. And until these young people are old enough to vote, nothing they say or do is likely to matter. Nevertheless I am very, very proud of them.

I wish them all the best and hope they fare better in the coming political wars than their parents and grandparents have.



7 thoughts on “#Enough won’t be enough

  1. Oh so true. I have felt all along that they would become disillusioned by the lack of response and we knew all along Trump was lying when he said he was for some change and all that bs about the republicans being afraid of the NRA! Well they are, but he is too and they are all owned by the NRA. They are even suing the state of Fla where I live. It is disgusting how this country is being overcome by very nefarious groups and people lusting for power.

    I so hope Lamb can hold on to his seat.

    And yes someday these kids will vote. I just hope in a couple of years or so, they don’t just give up since they can see all the corruption and like you said, these politicians have no intention of doing the will of the people.

    1. I applaud Gov. Rick Scott for signing that bill, meager as it is. Beats me, though, how the NRA can twist an age requirement into a violation of the Second Amendment. The Amendment says nothing about age.

  2. Wow–I hadn’t seen that Notre Dame H.S. Photo. That’s amazing… very to the point. I’m glad the kids did what they could, but yeah, it doesn’t feel like enough. But that’s not their fault–they’re kids! It’s up to the adults to get off their butts and do something.

    I gotta say, I thought I was turning into a young, cantankerous person who had already given up on teens. But they’re the only ones making any sense, and having the most authoritative voice on this issue. I’m very proud of them.

    1. Yes, this is changing my attitude about kids, too. Sure, my grandkids are great, but I always figured they were the exception and, besides, I’m hopelessly biased. I often heard it said that kids grow up a lot faster these days. I think we’re seeing proof of that.

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