Yup, it’s windy

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Ho hum, just another early spring day in Denver. The sun is shining brightly, but the wind is howling around the house at 30-40 mph. A temperature of 36° makes it decidedly unpleasant outside.

I’ve posted this wind map before and have always found it both interesting and beautiful. Check it out. The swirls are live, and you can click on it to zoom in and see more cities. It’s a work of art providing weather information.

Hmm, looks like I could launch a giant kite and be in Dallas for dinner.

Note: The 10 pm news this evening said peak gusts in the area today ranged from 60-80 mph.

11 thoughts on “Yup, it’s windy

    1. Heh, when I was in school in Oklahoma, everybody headed your way for Spring Break. I’d forgotten about that. It never appealed to me, but it sure was a big deal for a lot of people.

      1. Galveston is expecting a bigger group this year (ugh) as much south is still storm damaged with fewer accommodations.
        So many of the college kids seem to feel deprived if they don’t get to go to Cancun or someplace exotic for Spring Break….many using their student loan money to pay for it. (Hear me yelling in despair?)
        My parents always said “Break from what? You’re a kid in college. How about getting a part time job – and setting one up for summer?”
        A whole different world now.

        1. These days I wonder how anyone can afford a college education, much less a Spring Vacation to a distant beach. (Galveston being “distant” from Oklahoma and Colorado.) Cancun!? Absurd. Who has that kind of money with tuitions as high as they are?

          1. No wonder so many kids (not used to delayed gratification and pushed by peer pressure) end up with multiple credit cards and high debt. Many just seem to expect too much too fast – where in the past kids were told work hard, save your money, and someday you’ll have designer clothes and furniture that isn’t concrete blocks and crates.

          2. And they are too young to have learned any of the lessons, sacrifices, and delayed gratification of WWII and the years after. They are growing up faster and doing things at younger ages than we did, but some lessons can only be learned through experience and the passage of time. Those concrete blocks, boards, and boxes served us quite well until we could afford to replace them.

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