Sony announces winners from 2018 photo competition

Winners of the Sony World Photography Contest were announced last month and finalists this month. Several publications have assembled extensive galleries of the top photographs in a variety of categories. These two appealed to me immediately, but there are many more to see, with something for everyone.

These are a few that caught my eye. Be sure to see the links at the end for many more winners.

Mammatus. “Bolton, Kansas.”  © Mitch Dobrowner, USA, Shortlist, Professional, Natural World & Wildlife (2018 Professional competition),
Veselin Atanasov’s picture of autumn trees in a national park in Bulgaria has won the Landscape and Nature section of the competition.
Eye to Eye. “This image was made from an underground hide at Zimanga private game reserve in South Africa. I had spent about a month in total in this hide hoping for a big cat to come a drink, and only once was I privileged with the opportunity to capture this beautiful big male leopard cautiously coming to drink a mere three meters from me. Seeing and photographing these big cats is always so amazing, but being so close and at eye level with it is just on another level completely.  © Brendon Cremer, South Africa, Commended, Open, Wildlife (Open competition), 2018 Sony World Photography Awards
Niobe. “A ‘Siren’ storm wave, part of a series of waves named after mythological beings. Niobe was captured during Storm Brian at Newhaven in East Sussex. ‘Sirens’ is an ongoing portfolio of storm waves captured on the UK’s south coast. A childhood afloat and a love of maritime mythology have come together in these portraits of monstrous waves named after mythological creatures. ‘Niobe’ was the Greek archetype of the mourning mother (I see children/wavelets on her ‘shoulder’).”  © Rachael Talibart, United Kingdom, Shortlist, Professional, Landscape (Professional competition), 2018 Sony World Photography Awards

For many more outstanding photographs from the 2018 Sony Competition, see these three sources for galleries:

5 thoughts on “Sony announces winners from 2018 photo competition

  1. Most impressive. Thanks. These remind me that digital photography has become a mature technology. The art of taking photos is no longer limited by the cost of film – that has to have some impact on the quality, one would think, and the resolution of computer screens appears as good as printing. Who would have thought it a decade or two ago? What an age we are living in!

    1. I’ve never forgotten the summer I came up here for vacation with a new AE-1 camera. Finally I was going to get some great pictures. They were so-so. But the film and later processing cost more than the rest of the vacation. I don’t know if a spiffy new digital SLR would rekindle my love of photography, but I can’t afford to find out. I now focus on being in the moment and preserving the images on the emulsion of my mind.

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