Let the games begin

It’s a brilliant sunny day, with the high temperature in Denver to be in the 80s, and a three-day holiday weekend lies ahead. I’m delighted to be here at home with my air conditioning and not out trying to get into Rocky Mountain National Park and up Trail Ridge Road, which opened yesterday. This was the scene up at the park a few minutes ago:

Traffic at the Fall River entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park

Traffic at the Beaver Meadows entrance

And all that traffic, to reach the park, has to go through the little town of Estes Park. There are a few back roads and bypasses but everyone still ends up at one of these two entrances.

Is it any wonder I avoid the area on holidays and weekends? And most of the summer tourist season, for that matter.

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  1. Chevy Chase’s Mountain Vacation Trip? Oh my.

    We too are staying home this weekend. Been there, done that. Have a restful time of it! Our weather is beautiful, hope your’s is! Jim

  2. I saw the title and my immediate thought was “Not the Olympic games” and nearly gave it a miss when I realized that you are not that crazy 🙂 It’d be a bit of a worry with all those cars driving on the wrong side of the road too!
    26° sounds perfect, I’m down around 10° here 26° = 80°F 10° = 50°


  1. And the games continue – Pied Type

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