Never stop learning

Copyright © 2018 Erik Stensland. Used with permission.

There’s always something new to learn in Rocky Mountain National Park. Even the locals know that.

10 thoughts on “Never stop learning

          1. Yes but in this case it’s perfectly correct.
            I recall some years back an American writer Bill Bryson during a radio interview here in Sydney was talking about the way women read a map. How a man looks at a map and sees it and pictures himself in it whereas a woman twists it around trying to get the page/map pointing in the right direction to see where she is. All very confusing if you’re of the opposite sex.

          2. Of course I picture myself in the map. It’s one reason I’ve always loved maps. Especially topo maps. In my mind it’s almost like being there. I only turn it enough to put north at the top. Gender has nothing to do with reading a map. You either know how, or you don’t.

          3. The only books the War office ever opens are her atlas’s she has about half a dozen, but shereally has no idea which way north is, If I assk her I’m sure she’d point her finger up^^^^

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