Teen stuns ‘America’s Got Talent’ judges

Do you remember back in 2009 when Susan Boyle blew the lid off “Britain’s Got Talent”? She sang “I Dreamed a Dream” and the judges’ jaws dropped. Well, last night on “America’s Got Talent,” a painfully awkward 13-year-old girl named Courtney Hadwin did something similar. She surprised the hell out of everyone who was watching. Even if you don’t appreciate her style, you’ll be stunned by the transformation.

Postscript, Sept. 20, 2018: The final results for “America’s Got Talent” aired last night, and I’m disappointed to report that Courtney didn’t even make the final five. There was some great talent on display, but I still wanted her to win.

13 thoughts on “Teen stuns ‘America’s Got Talent’ judges

  1. Janis grew up not far from here. She was fabulous – such a loss.
    Thanks so much for posting the video! I rarely turn on the TV anymore, but would have really missed it if I had missed this performance. It’ll be interesting to see where she goes from here. Big voice and talent for a 13 yr old

    1. I rarely watch this particular program, but somebody commented on the video last night or this morning and I looked it up. Impressive girl, and she’s so cute when just talking.

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