All of you, go to your rooms



11 thoughts on “All of you, go to your rooms

    1. In my mind the headline is more like, “Hey! All of you! Go to your rooms this instant! And don’t come out till I tell you. You hear me? Don’t make me come out there … ” Echoes of my mom. It was just too long for a headline!

      1. johnthecook…In my mind this headline is a cartoon depiction of the Political Right and the Political Left hammering away at mankind’s idea of “Civility” and ending up with what is left for the world to have “vileness”. By the way the definition for these “words” can be found in the 1828 Noah Websters’ Dictionary Of The English Language.

        1. Yep, that’s exactly what the cartoon means.
          Interesting that you always reference that old dictionary. I would note that our language is always changing and that for accuracy, one should always check a current dictionary. Happily, the meaning of “civility” has not changed.

          1. I just looked and I see that Webster’s 1828 is still being reprinted and sold. I’ll bet it makes for interesting reading and comparison to today’s dictionaries.

          2. johnthecook…yes I do have a copy (facsimile) of the 1828 Noah Websters Dictionary. I bought it about 8 years ago. The reason I like it and trust it for definition clarity, is our U.S. Constitution and other important Documents our founding fathers wrote,had to have a trusted and widely accepted definition of the words they used to “pen” the very words found in our Constitution And Declaration of Independence. This dictionary is a reference book they most assuredly used.

  1. There is one aspect to this cartoon on “civility” that I do not like. It is that Trump is not alone in hacking at it. Again and again I see people writing that “both sides” are to blame. I submit this is not so. Trump is the most uncivil president in my lifetime, and perhaps in history.

    1. I took it as a figurative representation. Not just Trump, but all the incivility coming from the right. And not just the Red Hen owner, but all the incivility coming from the left. Note I said “all of you,” not just “you two.” And frankly, I’m not sure the Red Hen owner was a good example of incivility. She just happened to be the liberal in the headlines when this cartoon was created.

      I do agree with you, however, that Trump is responsible for encouraging and exemplifying incivility at its worst. Both verbally and by example he has encouraged everyone to abandon self-restraint and loose their very worse impulses.

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