Forever chasing webcams

Longs Peak, in cooler days (elev. 14,259 ft, highest peak in Rocky Mountain National Park)

It’s said the only constant in life is change. And that includes webcams. They come and go, fail and reappear. As a result, I have to constantly police my Colorado webcam page, trying to keep everything up to date. I also try to check cameras I used to feature that dropped out of sight at some point. I never really know why they disappear. Did the owners get tired of maintaining them? Did they fail and weren’t replaced? Did their URLs change? Your guess is as good as mine.

That said, I did a little cleanup this morning and added this note:

Update, July 18, 2018: I’ve removed several webcams that appeared to have gone dormant. If they come back on line, I’ll list them again. Meanwhile, folks headed to Pikes Peak may find they cannot drive all the way to the summit this summer because construction on a new summit complex has severely curtailed parking. Free shuttle service is being provided. Also, the controllable TundraCam on Niwot Ridge near Nederland is operating again, but very sluggishly. And a new view of the Denver skyline has been added.

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