Good riddance, Scott Pruitt

I couldn’t help smiling this evening when I came across this fortuitous placement of elements on a news site. Best of NBC news indeed. Best for any network … except maybe Fox.

Pruitt’s resignation today was some of the best news to come from the Trump administration since it began. Pruitt’s excesses have made him the poster boy for graft and abuse of power in government. And while milking every possible financial benefit from his position, he was denying the science of global warming, had removed mentions of climate change from EPA websites and documents, and was in the process of disbanding hard-won and critically important regulations on greenhouse-gas emissions. The now-former head of the Environmental Protection Agency cared nothing about protecting the environment.

Of course Ryan Zinke, head of the Department of the Interior, is still on the job, working as hard as he can to enable exploration, drilling, digging, fracking, dumping, and destruction of protected lands by energy companies. But that’s another story. For now I’m beside myself with glee over Pruitt’s resignation … and wondering if he’ll ever face prosecution and conviction for his actions.


11 thoughts on “Good riddance, Scott Pruitt

      1. But just let an ordinary person do half of what they do – and they throw away the key.
        Serfhood lives.
        (Too bad he got wind of the investigation – sounds like stuff got shredded, records altered…all felonies..not that that ever stopped any of them in the past…).
        Where are the good that serve with honor and careful thought? (I know, too brutal these days to be a public servant)

        1. Nobody with a shred of ethics or self-respect would run for public office these days. (The few who do soon realize they’ll have to compromise a lot, perhaps too much, to get anything done.) It’s really sad. Our best and brightest should be leading us.

  1. Shameless like his boss, Pruitt is sure to land on his feet. Maybe an executive and lobbyist for Chick-Fil–A. He knows that God wants him to be rich.

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