Hey, it’s Friday the 13th

I rarely even notice when a Friday the 13th rolls around. But some people do, and it makes them very anxious. They have paraskevidekatriaphobia.

There are a lot of reasons, explanations, suppositions, and theories about why and how Friday the 13th is thought by many to be bad or unlucky. But I won’t go into all that.

I’m just here to say TGIF, we made it through another week, and the weekend is upon us. Enjoy!

20 thoughts on “Hey, it’s Friday the 13th

  1. Love Fridays, and love Friday the 13th (I love watching superstitious people freak out). Every so often, my birthday falls on Friday the 13th, like last year. That by itself is a great present for someone like me with a devilish sense of humor. 😉

        1. How oblivious am I? Just realized my daughter-in-law’s birthday is on the 13th … and until just now had never given it a second thought. The number, that is.

  2. The SPCA and city/county animal shelters block adoption of black cats at Halloween and Friday the 13th.
    (I’ve heard black dogs don’t do well at shelters because so many evil dogs in films/tv series are black…who knew?)
    Friday was 713 Day celebration here. (Any excuse to party in Houston) July 13, 1947, SW Bell telephone initiated the first area code in Houston: 713….it’s become a thing to covet – better than the 281 and others…HAHA (Phone numbers used to have a word and number series Like Mohawk 4-9279 so you dialed MO 4 9279. ) Oh the quirks of life!
    Happy weekend!

    1. When I was a kid, our phone number was Regent something-or-other. I was a bit of a snob about phone numbers when I moved here. 303 was the area code I’d always known for this area, and when I was finally able to move here, I wasn’t about to settle for that new-fangled 720.

      Yes, black dogs and cats have a poor adoption rate except, as you note, for the black cat thing you mention. They do the same thing here. At my son’s house they have two adopted black dogs and two adopted black cats, so they are doing their best to help out.

  3. I loved the picture of the black cat, but I’m careful not to let them cross the road in front of me. However, being cats, they do whatever they darn well please, and I’m sure I’ve had a black cat or two do exactly that, which accounts for some of the bad luck I’ve had!

    1. Aww, how could you blame an adorable kitty for causing bad luck? Maybe it was that mirror you broke, or the ladder you walked under, or the salt you spilled …

  4. johnthecook…TGIF= toes go in first . Did you know that the 13th falls on a friday more than any other day of the week?

    1. “Toes go in first”? Never heard that. What’s it about? Getting into a swimming pool? Putting on shoes?

      No, I didn’t know the 13th falls more often on Friday. I have no idea why that should be. I’m sure it’s something math-related, and I have zero math aptitude or skills.

      1. TGIF…there was a mother who put the letters TGIF on her young daughters sneakers on a Friday morning,.and then sent her off to school. The little girl came home with a note from the little girls teacher reminding the parent that religious phrases were not allowed on apparel that kids wore to school such as TGIF or Thank God It’s Friday. The mother promptly replied with a note to the teacher informing her that her little girl was dressing herself and often put her shoes on wrong,so to help her out she put the letters TGIF on her shoes to reminder her that Toes Go In First. Cute!

        Please check out the internet for information and the number 13 falling on a Friday…interesting.

        1. I was curious and had already checked out both the TGIF thing and the 13th thing. I read the TGIF was a bad joke about writing it on the shoes of dumb blondes. I like your story better. As for the 13th falling on Fridays, still not sure I understood it. But I tried.

          1. johnthecook…I do believe I heard about the TGIF thing BEFORE ‘dumb blond” jokes were popular. I think I came across it in a Readers Digest article.

  5. Actually it’s Tuesday the 24th, but then again I’ve been a wee bit tardy lately when it comes to checking my mail. 🙁
    We English used to believe that a black crossing your path was a sign of good luck / fortune coming your way, in fact I still do.
    When I was growing up we had a black cat named Nigger, The ARP borrowed Nigger during the war and when the really dangerous time passed they returned the poor creature to us, He had not been fed the whole time he was with them he lived on any mouse that he was able to catch and eat. He was a good cat. I liked him.

    1. Why did the ARP take your cat?

      I’ve had a lot of cats in my life, but never an all black one. Closest I came was a black-and-white “tuxedo” kitty named Sly (as in the cartoon cat Sylvester). I’ve always been drawn to blue-eyed cats … and any lost cat finding its way to my door.

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