Silence is acquiescence

Come on, Congress. Grow a pair! How much longer will you endure Trump’s lies, near-treasonous behavior, and muddled “double negative” explanations? Surely you can’t not understand that he’s throwing all of you, and the country, under the bus. He doesn’t care about you. He cares only about advancing and protecting his personal business deals with the Russians … and making sure Putin doesn’t release any compromising videos.

I could rave on and on and on. How can people be so stupid? So irresponsible? So spineless? Or so forgetful (see Hungary invasion, Cold War, Cuba missile crisis, Crimea invasion, KGB poisonings, Assad support, etc). I’m so angry I could scream. I’m so upset I could cry. I actually feel sorry for the unfortunate door-to-door guy who rang my bell yesterday to campaign for a local Republican candidate.

Congress, you know it and I know it: Silence is acquiescence. Pick a side. While you can.


28 thoughts on “Silence is acquiescence

    1. I’m just dumbfounded. What will it take for them to see what a dangerously unbalanced person he is? Or perhaps more to the point, what will it take for them to admit they see it?

  1. johnthecook…so when will impeachment proceedings begin with President Trump? Something tells me that our current political environment is fraught with people who will not take corrective action against those who would bring about the demise of America as we know her to be. What is wrong with our leaders in DC? Please reread our Declaration Of Independence and our Constitution and all 27 of Our Bill Of Rights!
    Back in the day when Khrushchev was Premier in the USSR it was reported that if Russia could not take America by force,Russia would take us from within. Welcome to the 21st Century America.The way I see it,it is starting to happen.
    I do not see President Trump as a Communist,but he does have a serious case of “Foot In Mouth” disease.

    1. Trump should be impeached because he’s mentally unfit, but the way Congress has been behaving, I doubt it will happen. The members are too concerned about their own re-election prospects and fear that acting against Trump will alienate their own constituents. Trump isn’t smart enough to be a communist or even a communist sympathizer. (And there’s the possible blackmail.) But he’s naive enough to think Putin is his friend and greedy enough to keep dealing with the Russians. Why should the Russians try to take us by force (messy and expensive) when they have already made such inroads in our election system? And Trump has rolled out the red carpet for them figuratively, and in the fall, literally.

      1. johnthecook…I like your cartoon! Right now Putin and the Russian influence is doing NOTHING to change my vote. Until they can actually manipulate the voting machines to electronically “change the intent of the voter, they are no guiltier than other political entities in trying to INFLUENCE the voter. I suppose that is why the voter is asked to check out the validity of the candidates statements and make an informed decision on the political candidate of their choice and then cast their vote. It did not take to many brains to not have voted for Bernie Sanders and his Socialist Political views or Hillary Clinton with her political baggage concerning Benghazi,the Vince Foster debacle,or her personal email scandal as Secretary Of State. It also appeared that FBI Director James Comey was conflicted in his view on unofficially endorsing candidate Clinton. I say all this to ask a simple question…Did Russia actually influence the Electoral College and other Major Political Leaders in America in changing their vote in the 2016 Election? Did the Russians influence your vote? Thing that make people say hmmm!

        1. The Russians work behind the scenes, doing things like planting stories on Facebook in an effort to influence the opinions of the readers, or tweeting things that support or attack various candidates. (Sadly, many people do look to social media for their “news.”) Or giving money to organizations that support the campaigns of candidates they like (like the spy Butina who gave money to the NRA which in turn supported Trump). Nothing so obvious as manipulating the voting machines, but all kinds of things to influence voters’ thinking. I don’t think they influenced my vote because I get my information from a lot of different, respected news sources. And my vote was based as much on what I observed in the past as what transpired during the actual campaign.

    1. No, but being mentally unfit is, in my book. And either the man has the IQ of a pet rock (apologies to pet rocks) or he’s not playing with a full deck. Or both. And hey, didn’t you just insult peas?

  2. The Republicans DO care! But there is something fishy behind their silence. I think there are afraid of him—just as we all are. How do you tackle a crazy, unpredictable, narcissistic person, who doesn’t seem to give a care about the fallout of his actions?

    1. You impeach and convict him for malfeasance and replace him with someone who is not crazy, unpredictable, and narcissistic, and who cares about the results of his actions. Granted, they may be waiting for the end of the Mueller investigation, hoping Mueller’s committee will do the dirty work for them and they can go happily back to their re-election plans with no blood on their hands.

  3. johnthecook…here is something to mull over for awhile: when did Russia interfere in our 2016 elections AND who was POTUS? OBAMA! Who was head of the CIA? John Brennan! Who was the National Intelligence Director? Clapper Who was head of the FBI? First Mueller then Comey!
    It is now 2018 and all of them are blaming Donald Trump. Do the American people really think a Presidential candidate could really have that much power to influence the previous mentioned men in a Presidential election…and then win it??

    1. The Dems you mention weren’t running for office, and much of what the Russians did didn’t come to light until after the election. Everyone, the media included, was so focused on Hillary’s email thing that no one was looking at what was going on with Trump. I really think if the media had been doing their due diligence with Trump, he wouldn’t have been elected. I don’t think Trump himself is smart enough to have engineered all the Russian interference; he was just happy to know they were helping him get elected.

      1. johnthecook…well,if Trump was not smart enough to have made a conscious effort to influence those very important people who were already serving their Country at the behest of then President Obama ,then THEY failed America and the people who depend on them to do the right thing. WHY did it take the News media and the News Pundits of the day to reveal what everybody was clueless too? Then again if the Russian meddling did not influence your vote or mine, was the rest of, or the majority of Americans too stupid to know,see, and understand what we saw in our candidate of choice?

        1. Before the election, I think everyone was all about Hillary and her emails and what she did or didn’t do. No one, including the media, really took Trump’s candidacy seriously. Unfortunately, with the help of the Russians, he surprised even himself and won (but not with a majority of the popular vote). I read a headline just today that said Trump’s supporters are standing by him because he hates the same people they hate. Isn’t that a sad commentary about almost half the country. It’s the half that gets all their news off social media, hates anyone not white and English speaking, has an average 8th grade education, doesn’t know the meaning of critical thinking, etc., etc. I don’t call that stupid; I call it willfully ignorant. In my most charitable moments, I’d call it uneducated.

      1. Can’t you kind of twist that a bit, after all you are still in a war in Afghanistan, and the Middle East, surely that counts.
        Being a socialist I’m against capital punishment but in the case of traitors I’m all for it, and not an easy quick or painless departure!

          1. We’re told he won almost half the popular vote. There’s the flaw in our system. He didn’t win the popular vote but he won the Electoral College, which I think should be abolished.

          2. It;s the silliest idea I’ve ever comne across when it comes to the point of electing the countries leader. It may have been necessary in the beginning of the Republic, but no longer

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