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Foliage fling

Loren Duggan, left, and her mother Lee Tillotson, right, walk with Duggan's son Odin, 3, and their dog Karli among the quickly changing aspen trees along the Switzerland Trail on September 18, 2018 near Nederland, Colorado. (Helen H. Richardson, The Denver Post)

Fall foliage photos are a dime a dozen in Colorado, but this one really caught my eye. I’ve tried for years to describe a brief walk I once took near Estes Park, and have always failed. This picture comes very close to what I remember.

On a warm sunny day I wandered down a narrow trail through a grove of golden aspen. It was a surreal. The ground was gold, the trees hugged me with gold and formed a golden vault above. The air itself glittered gold with falling leaves. Gold in every direction. Unforgettable.

This photo is from a Denver Post gallery displaying a bit of our 2018 autumn. Click the photo to view it with a black background.

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