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If you go down in the woods today

409 Beadnose’s “before and after” shots. (Photos Katmai National Park and Preserve)

I’ve written several times about the Alaska brown bears in Katmai National Park and Preserve, and have included links to the webcams that follow their summer salmon fishing.

What I didn’t know until I saw it in yesterday’s Washington Post is that for the last four years viewers have picked a winner of the “Fat Bear Week” contest. Photos of the fattest bears are posted on Facebook and the one garnering the most Likes, wins.

This year, for the second time, the winner is 409 Beadnose. (Her name combines her official park-assigned number and her distinctive upturned nose.) Looks like she’ll have a very happy hibernation this winter.

The competition was fierce, as you can see:

854 Divot, named for her habit of digging holes in the riverbank. (Katmai National Park and Preserve)
747. His number says it all. (Katmai National Park and Preserve)

Do read the Post article if you have time. It’s informative and well written.

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