Solo dog sledding

Who needs humans when you have a nice hill and a perfectly good sled?


11 thoughts on “Solo dog sledding

  1. A Border Collie. Imagine that. Yes, add a sarcastic tone – Border Collies one of the most intelligent breed – I think they are the smartest, not “one of the smartest” but the smartest. And they love to work or play. We have a bc here, Janie, and soooo smart! I tried to run her in agility but I wasn’t fast enough and couldn’t give her the commands quick enough. She was always ahead but having to pause waiting for her next command.

    1. I doubt I could keep up with a dog any smarter than my golden/lab mix, who knows me better than I know myself. Border collies are amazing, but I’ve never had the energy to share my home with one.

  2. I was impressed watching a BC herd a group of ducks into a pen. Would loved to have had one in my youth, but my stock collie pup’s father was no slouch herding cattle and young large pigs.

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