Wishing everyone peace and joy for the holidays



14 thoughts on “Wishing everyone peace and joy for the holidays

  1. Nat King Cole died too soon, what a great singer . What a loss. We don’t get singer like him and Frank anymore,

    Had Frank on the big screen whilst I played that video played, his eyes look decidedly brown to me, no blue there at all, wonder if he wore those contact lenses that changed the colour, although Crosby never did much for me I could do a Crosby that sounded more like Bing than he did, true 😈

      1. I’m told that mine are blue. would you believe I’ve never checked? Probably couldn’t tell anyway.
        I wonder, if I was to burst into song, do you think the media would go crazy and say ol’ blues eyes is back?

          1. Yes so I believe, He also had 3 rows of eyelashes very strange,
            I wish that I could have known him better when I grew up, My mother had control over me when I was young and fed me bad information. she wanted control of my entire life

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