This might be the year

15 thoughts on “This might be the year”

  1. Everybody is different from everybody else. My wife is neat on the outside but messy on the inside. Our car’s cup holder is full of old receipts and lipsticks, the detritus in the kitchen drawers dates back 18 years. Her underwear drawer – don’t ask. I squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom, she in the middle. She rinses dishes under scalding water, I under cold. The mystery: why are we still married after 58 years? 😀

    1. Nope. Just me, a terribly messy person, finding a cartoon that reflects one of my “situations.” Parts of my kitchen counters haven’t seen daylight in years. And actually, I know better than to make any New Year’s resolutions at all. I doubt this year will be any different than all those that preceded it.

      1. I can’t stand anything on mine that shouldn’t be there, I’m a bit fussy. I won’t even let the War Office empty the dishwasher she just stuffs things away I have a place for everything, I could go to my kitchen in pitch black and put my hands on anything I want, well need a bit of light 🙂

      2. “… that shouldn’t be there.” That’s the key. What does or doesn’t belong on a kitchen counter? I have to agree with my sister, who says she tries to minimize the number of horizontal surfaces in her home because they just accumulate clutter. Looking around the room now, it’s easy to see that she’s absolutely right.

      3. I’m trying to imagine a room without horizontal surfaces…I’d probably put things on the floor!

  2. You’ve hit upon a problem that has developed for me in recent years. It all started with the dishwasher ……. oh well, too complicated to explain.

    1. My dishwasher, when not actually washing, is just the cabinet for clean dishes. The dirty ones pile up on the counter until the clean ones are all used, then the dirty ones go back into the dishwasher. Something like that? I warned you I’m a slob. And lazy to boot.

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