If you want to play with others, follow the rules


The rule should be, quite simply, “No admission to a public school (or to the US) without immunizations.” Period.

There’s always home schooling, permissive private schools, or online education for those who can’t or won’t get immunized.

The unimmunized are walking, talking disease vectors that should not be allowed to circulate freely in our society any more than the diseases themselves. Current and recent measles, mumps, and chicken pox outbreaks should never have happened. Nor the TB scare in Aurora, Colorado.

But for the irresponsible, selfish, and/or ignorant few, these diseases could and should have been completely eradicated. Yet the unimmunized continue to put us — especially children, pregnant women, and the elderly — at risk. It’s unacceptable and entirely preventable.

In short, there ought to be a law.

28 thoughts on “If you want to play with others, follow the rules

        1. Not much support here for the government telling parents how to raise their kids. But at a local level, schools and states can make such rules if they want to. The hitch comes when parents claim “religious” or other exemptions from the rules

          1. Too much religion in the good ol’ US of A, and far too many getting sucked into any that raises it’s new ugly head.
            A bit of compulsion doesn’t go astray if used properly, like we do.
            Perhaps we are just a little bit smarter than the average :bear:

          2. Some claim religious reasons. Most, I think, still believe the long-discredited and subsequently withdrawn study that claimed vaccinations cause autism.

          3. It’s a “religious” exemption only when it’s a last resort or convenient sometimes. I was listening to a podcast episode that mentioned the Eagle Mountain International Church in Texas in 2013 (one of the Copeland tribe, of all things, preaching there). About 14 people there–mostly kids–got measles. The church had preached against vaccinations and their risks and many of the congregation took it to heart. After the outbreak and blame reached fever pitch, the pulpit backpedaled a bit and said something about being careful with vaccines and taking vitamins to help (despite the lack of evidence vitamin supplements do any sort of good in that regard). Anything to cover their rears, ugh.

          4. Well being from Texas explains everything, although I must admit there are a few Texans that I’ve found who are actually quite human; and who’s posts/blogs I follow; I was gong to say religiously but being atheist it doesn’t sound right.

            Being a cuppa tea sort of bloke; well I am English; might I recommend Dilmah Tea; I live on it, with the occasional whiskey, drinking a lot more of it that I should, tea that is not whiskey. .

          5. I’ll have to look that up. Always on the search for a great cup of tea, and you just reminded me of something about that. A friend of mine sent me some info (forgot the site) which told me to try loose tea in a french press to really get the best out of it. Worth a shot–I know where to get one of those at least (hee hee).

          6. That’s a new one on me tea leaves in a French press,
            A nice China pot, warmed first, with boiling water, throw out/reuse the boiling water then add a heap teasponfuls of fresh tea leaves, one spoon for each cup you’re going to serve. “Plus one for the pot”,
            Allow to brew for a few minutes; and pour. Add milk and sugar if desired. Ring Buckingham Palace and invite Her Majesty over, she’d enjoy that cuppa 😛

          7. I really hate it when ignorant people teach their brand of ignorance to other ignorant people. The general public, and antivaxxers in particular, do not know more about vaccinations than the medical and research communities. Why do they cling to an outdated, discredited study?

          8. I’ll wager that if the government was to tell all these religious bodies that they will be subject to TAXATION if they can’t see the light and advocate immunisation you’d see a radical change in their preaching as they would all suddenly see the light and holy jumping Jehosaphat’s immunisation is the WTG

  1. If they can’t comply they can stay away. Go live away from the rest of us, especially other babies and small children, the ill and elderly. Totally selfish.

    1. I’m pushing 76. And have two grandkids in middle and high school. We all try so hard to stay healthy. It’s infuriating to know we’re at constant risk from those who don’t see fit to vaccinate their kids, yet want to live among us. Selfish indeed. Let them run their own schools and live in their own communities, away from the rest of us, as you said.

  2. It used to be people agreed to work towards the common good – the majority ruled
    We are crumbling under “everyone is special” – well versed in rights but completely ignorant/willfully discard the responsibility of an individual to society. Schools and parents must return to teaching that last one.
    The courts/ Civil Liberties Union have managed to destroy the protective and much of the sensible. Both groups are important, but commonsense seems to have been discarded as Winning for the sake of winning ( and bragging – and publicity – and financial gain)
    Schools must stand up and announce “these are the rules if you don’t like it, there are options. Here in the US you are guaranteed the right to have your own ideas, to move, find alternatives – not to demand everyone change to fit your ideas – especially if your ideas conflict with safety or health of others.”
    Will we be allowed to go back to the first line of this comment? We’ll see. People are so afraid of social justice warrior bullying, they often just stay quiet when they shouldn’t and have as much right – if not more solid grounds – than the opposite side.

    1. Common sense and common decency haven’t been common for a while now. The antivaxxers need to educate themselves. I hated that story about the teen who, when he reached 18, immediately went out and got all his vaccinations. He said his antivax mom had gotten all her information from Facebook! Facebook is a blight on our society; the thought that people actually rely on it for health information and news makes me sick.

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