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It’s outrageous no matter how you look at it. Wealthy parents buying, lying, bribing, cheating, etc. to get their kids into prestigious colleges. Or maybe into any college at all.

It’s an outrage that kids who worked and studied hard to earn their spots at those colleges were denied.

It’s an outrage that the children of those wealthy, cheating parents were denied the satisfaction of earning those admissions on their own … or the lesson that wealth and privilege can’t get you everything in life.

It’s an outrage that, until now, some of those rich kids might have been totally unaware of their parents’ actions and thought they had legitimately earned their admissions.

It’s an outrage that so much money, time, and effort went into advancing already privileged students when it could have gone into scholarship funds for many who really needed and deserved the help.

It’s an outrage that this is how our future leaders are being groomed.

It’s an outrage that our educational system has become so dysfunctional.

It’s an outrage. Period.

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