My dog Annie likes to lie on the back deck and watch for birds, squirrels, and passersby beyond the fence.

On this winter day, she went out and took her place despite the light snow. When she got up, she left her outline. When I let her out again later, she lay down on exactly the same spot.

11 thoughts on “Watchdog

  1. The snow shadow portrait is cute – but I love the pictures! Certainly a tale of wags there. (At least you can get outside – mud mud mud here…although a bit of sun right now – low 30’s last night – warm by weekend, you know how it goes. They say El Nino weather pattern means bad spring storm season – off to a rough start already. )

  2. It occurs to me now that the photo is reminiscent of the spatter paintings I did as a child. However, the snow did not fall on Annie. She lay down and melted the clear spot on existing snow.

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