Month: May 2019

Cookies in the cabinet

Yep, I saw the video yesterday. Dr. Ben Carson, US Secretary of Housing and Urban Renewal, did indeed think the congresswoman said “Oreo.” Wouldn’t it have been nice (and amazing) if Trump had appointed qualified people to cabinet posts instead… Read More ›

Back to the Stone Age

Supposedly Alabama’s restrictive new abortion law is intended to get the abortion issue before the now more conservative Supreme Court in an effort to overturn Roe v. Wade. But unless and until that happens, it’s an incredibly cruel, regressive law… Read More ›

Beneath the cover-up

Although I agree that Attorney General Barr is nothing more than Trump’s lackey, that’s not why I laughed at this cartoon. I’d never thought about what Trump’s hair must look like right after it’s washed. With the length he needs… Read More ›