Finally, my Shingrix vaccination

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  1. I’ve had both of my vaccines. And, thank goodness, I got them when I was with Kaiser so I didn’t have a co-pay. I had shingles years ago when I was undergoing cancer treatments that compromised my immune system. You do not want to get shingles if you can help it! Good reminder to others to get on the wait list.

    1. Given the timing, I concluded my shingles incident was brought on by extreme work-related stress. The next year, almost to the day, it tried to appear again, but with only a couple of bumps.

      I’m going to call Humana about my big co-pay, complain, and give them a chance to say they made a mistake. Or I may rectify the mistake myself when my plan comes up for renewal.

    1. Side effects and all other info are on the CDC page. Glad you both are on a list. You’d think by now they’d have stepped up the production rate. But I suppose every senior in the country is trying to get it.

  2. I can have it for free if I want it; good being a senior citizen,

    The poor juniors have to pay about $A40 thats about $US28.50; things are getting mighty expensive here 😈 😛 😀

  3. I, too, had to go through waiting process for the second shot but had no undue discomfort with either. Now, it’s a matter of seeing if I need a measles vaccination.

    Hope WP soon remembers my data so I don’t have to keep writing it with every comment. They’re inconsistent with different WP blogs I’m finding. Some WP blogs offer a check box requesting data be remembered, others don’t, but many retain data without such a check box. Go figure!

    1. I was born before 1957 so I’m considered immune to measles by the CDC.

      I’m sorry WP is messing with you. My settings require your info only on your first comment. Once I approve that, you shouldn’t have to enter it again. At least that’s the way it’s supposed to work. I know how annoying that is because there’s another blog I visit where I have to enter all that info every time I comment. Depending on my mood, I sometimes just don’t bother to comment. I do apologize if you’re having to do that here.

  4. I had the full series at my last job. Free because I was part of Kaiser. After a co-worker told me about a friend who showed up at a party with a prosthetic eye because shingles had cost him his eyeball, no way was I NOT getting the shots. I had chicken pox twice, and the first time it was in one of my eyes. Plus, shingles is hella painful, from what I understand. Glad you are getting the series!

    1. I’m jealous you’ve gotten both shots. The vaccine is really hard to come by here. Turns out my big co-pay was because I haven’t met my deductible for the year yet. Still, my last company would have paid for it regardless, just as they did the flu and pneumonia vaccines.

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