When good men do nothing

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

~ attributed to Edmund Burke


12 thoughts on “When good men do nothing

  1. Great quote – and the enemy is us a Pogo says

    Name calling isn’t always racism. Just stupid immature behavior not worthy of noticing. Sticks and stones and ignore (“Bounces off me and sticks to you!” “Takes one to know one”)
    Bullying isn’t always racism.
    Giving a kid or anyone an “F” because he has made no effort and done required work isn’t racist.
    Tossing milkshakes or wearing hats isn’t racism
    Racists and bullies pointing fingers and yelling “racist” at others isn’t racism
    Demanding everyone believe just like you isn’t racism
    Acting like a batch of junior high drama kids isn’t racist – just juvenile and waste of time and energy
    So tired of the school lunchroom antics – especially from adults who are supposed to be educated, knowledgable, and mature enough to be elected officials (Elections aren’t racist)
    Stop acting like idiots – both of you hyped up only-out-for-ourselves political parties and do your darn job….
    how dare you even consider taking a vacation with multiple crisis going on – and the whole bunch of you more interested in gossip and making dramatic speeches for the cameras rather than actually solving multiple problems that have been building since the last Bush because it’s too messy or “hard”

    Everyone please text, email, call your representatives and tell them to grow up and they are getting an F on their current job evaluation because nothing is getting accomplished.

    This simply can’t continue – it’s not imaginary. We’ve been dealing with this for years here.
    I don’t care if adults, uninvited/given misinformation about what to expect are not getting showers, don’t like the accommodations, or are unhappy with the food offered – don’t like it, then you’re a poor guest and are welcomed to leave. Otherwise gut it up until you’re processed.
    But the orphaned/abandoned kids – this is brutal. Look at the numbers:
    Building more shelters is not the answer. (we already have 6 here – one we managed to get closed last year due to mistreatment of kids by the contractors’ staff. ..the area they are targeting for another one – yet another one! – is crime ridden, gangs, with many school where these kids will go, are troubled schools)
    The Border Patrol is often more caring than the contracted shelter management and staff
    Tell your representatives to shut it about hate for each other and cooperate to solve the countries real problems, not hurt feelings.
    Yes, doing nothing but talk, talk, talk is evil

      1. We all need to let them know exactly that. Infuriating (the only thing worse would be that they give themselves a pay raise)
        Every one need to remind them they work for us and we’re not happy. At all.
        Emails, texts, Twitter if you do that. Phone calls.
        Maybe there’s a Hallmark card for that? HA- new product opportunity!

        1. Don’t they give themselves a pay raise every year, or every term? That should be against the law. Nobody else gets to do that. And if they refuse to hear their constituents’ emails, phone calls, etc., maybe they’ll hear us when we vote. Once again I find myself wondering if we wouldn’t just be better off with no Congress and no president. If they aren’t going to do anything, why should we be paying them to stay in Washington?

          I wouldn’t be surprised if some company somewhere hasn’t already produced such a card. If not, one could make one on Zazzle and sell it.

  2. Right on!
    I learned that quote when I was young and it is always in my head…I’ve tried to live my life by it…even when I’m the only woman trying to do something about something. I will keep on!

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