Olbinsky releases ‘Vorticity 2’

Mike Olbinsky recently released another of his amazing timelapse videos of storm activity over the Great Plains. Some of you may remember previous examples of his work, “Vorticity” and “The Chase.”

One YouTube commenter called these videos “storm porn” and I must agree. The images are compelling. Watch in full-screen mode, or better yet, on a big tv screen, and make sure your sound is on.

If you’re fascinated by storms and have never seen an Olbinsky film, you’re in for a treat.

4 thoughts on “Olbinsky releases ‘Vorticity 2’

      1. No, but similar weather scared me half to death when I stayed somewhere in Kansas during tornado warnings on the way home from the East Coast. Then again we used to have some magnificent skies when we lived in a desert valley surrounded 360º by mountains in Utah. Dust devils were about as close as I wanted to get to funnels. Those storm chasers are totally nuts, but I appreciate being able to watch on the big screen. Impressive!

        1. I lived most of my life in Oklahoma, but as a city girl. Rarely saw stuff like this, although I knew it was out there. These days I’m content to let others chase the storms.

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